I work as a Service Design Consultant at Engine.

What is service design?
Well, formally "it is the activity of planning and organising people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between service provider and customers..."

For me, it's about being passionate about understanding people, interactions, and the processes behind decision-making. It's about working with businesses to tackle complex challenges in order to create better experiences for their customers and make the business grow at the same time.

I do this by bringing together my skills in design, strategy and consultancy, working closely with the business to better understand their customers.

As a visual communicator I work to help businesses translate their vision and strategy into a visually engaging language that captures the target audience and creates brand loyalty.

My skills go beyond visual design and I also help businesses shape their strategy, communications and better understand their audiences to have a wider reach.

My visual communications journey has given me experience across areas of graphic design, creative direction, branding, strategy, consultancy, media campaigns, digital platform design and social design initiatives.

I'm always on the look out for new challenges. My guiding principle: beginnings are always the most exciting and tasty moments that fuel the whole design journey.

I continue to fuel innovative start-ups guided by the conviction that services and products deserve a higher level of social understanding and a clearer sense of communication in both physical & digital terrains.

I am co-founder and Director of Collectivox, a social enterprise based in Venezuela. Collectivox is dedicated to designing and making urban interventions at a minimum scale with potential to create maximum impact. We work with with local government, commercial businesses and communities to create social capital.

I am a co-founder and stakeholder of Represent a social venture dedicated to building groundbreaking digital tools that enhance educational and personal development. We strive to harness the power of networks for people making career and life choices.